Crowning Communications

Here are some kind words people shared about working with me:

“The conflict coaching sessions with Berry helped me see different perspectives more clearly. The process allowed me to step back and consider my husband’s needs and perspective. Sessions allowed me to deepen my understanding of my own needs and what I really want and kept me moving forward into heart-centered action to make real change. The coaching model was clear, focused, simple yet powerful. It seems based in meeting needs and honoring all parties. What I liked best about working with Berry was the ease and comfort of coaching with her and the ease and clarity of the model. I liked that she re-oriented me each session, revisiting my initial goal and where we’d been. I liked knowing that there was a definite process that would keep me focused and on the path toward my goal. Thank you, it was all good.”  ~ Sharon Barbour.

Dear Berry, your coaching process and style really speak to me in a way that I value. The questions you asked me helped me to see things in a new way and I felt better about what I was struggling with. Working with someone who sees who I am and helps me to work from my strengths was very helpful and valuable to me. I feel empowered. Thank you!” ~ Elizabeth Thorpe

“At the time I approached Berry for coaching, I was at a turning point in my life and wanted to make some major life decisions. I was having difficulty with clearly weighing my options and thought that it made sense to seek some help. In my coaching with Berry I learned I had the answers all along, I just needed some help to see the answers. Now I generally resist asking for help and resist the process of self awareness, the coaching with Berry encouraged me to dig deep and talk about feelings. Berry’s coaching process helped me tune out all the chatter in my brain and clearly see the answers I was seeking. I mostly liked Berry’s approach; with the coaching model she uses she created a safe space in which she brought me present and raised my awareness around the transition I was going through.”  ~ Gary Coburn

“I want to thank you for the great life coaching you have given me. Even I did it on my own, it was with your positive and great guidance that I feel so free now, so relieved from all the bad things that have happened for so long. Because of you it proves that I’m a real person and that my life is not over, yet. You have given me that opportunity to think of myself first and to like myself and not have to think of others all the time. I’m glad that you have offered the coaching. You are a great person to do this. You are warm and caring. I will keep you always in my heart as a wonderful coach and a friend. I wish you the best with this special gift you share and that you will make many other people happy. Warm thanks and appreciation.” ~ Joanie Vognild.

Feedback from students in my role as Mentor-Coach

“Berry was a great mentor and hit on my need for improvement in a disarming and constructive manner.”
“Great job, very helpful!”
“Terrific detailed insights and guidance.”

Feedback from Workshop Participants

“I am having a hard time to figure out where I want to go with my work and how to best use my skills. The workshop conducted by Berry gave me lots of food for thought.”  ~ Lee Hammilton, Participant in a Conflict Coaching workshop for The Oregon Mediation Association SIG for Workplace Mediators, April 2008.