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Chances are, your organization needs to make changes in order to cope with various dynamic circumstances. What would it look like if your employees took a much more active role in moving your organization forward? How can you inspire them to take on that role?

Jump Movement programs enable your employees to define and align their own drive, goals, and actions in accordance with your organization’s strategic goals. Your employees will find their own steps forward in the direction you have outlined for the organization.

Our programs have proven their value in many situations of change, such as mergers, re-organizations, implementation of new strategies, work processes, or even new software. Our personal and team coaching programs offer assistance with conflict situations and team performance enhancement, as well as personal (career) development programs, reintegration, or outplacement.

Distinctive Features of the Jump Movement Method:


The Jump Movement programs enable your employees to define and achieve goals independently, with barely any support from external advisors, trainers or coaches. As a result, it is your employees who take the steps needed to foster a stronger and better-anchored movement, and dependence on the external advisor is reduced to a minimum.


During three months, your employees are independently following the program to achieve its goal in a way that does not disrupt the daily work process.

Ownership and responsibility

With the Jump Movement programs you genuinely motivate your employees. You set the collective goal and they define their individual steps and specific actions to achieve that goal. The method can be applied to any organizational issue, large or small.

Cost effectiveness

It is the employees who facilitate themselves and their colleagues, thus anchoring their skills and qualities within the organization. This method is extremely cost effective and leads to measurable results, as compared to other change and communication programs.

Benefits summary

> Simple and fun to do; suitable for everyone

> Support the propagation of goals and vision

> Your employees act from their intrinsic motivation

> Your employees execute the program autonomously

> Fixed low cost per person; the entire organization can participate

> Reporting results through the online log

> Clear understanding of the movement through the online log and management reports

> Professional support by skilled consultant

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Jump Movement is also available for individuals. Do you want to move forward in your life and don’t know what your next step is? Jump Movement helps you get clear through a series of structured conversations. The core of Jump Movement Programs are confidential and supportive conversations that create community and meaningful connections.

Find out more about Individual Jump Movement Workshops and Coaching Programs. Click here.


Professional Development for Consultants, Coaches and Trainers:

Become a Certified Partner with Jump Movement

For:  Independent Trainers, Coaches, Change Agents, Organizational Development Consultants and anyone else who facilitates change.

Jump Movement, a fast growing European company, is currently expanding its team of facilitators in the United States.

Are you an independent Trainer, Coach or Consultant, facilitating personal, professional or organizational change? Then you want to experience Jump Movement. Comprehensive, simple and effective self-organizing empowerment programs, especially designed to support organizational, team and personal development to create actual movement towards any goal.

Please join us for a Jump Movement Partner Training to become certified in the Jump Movement Method.

Date: Wednesday December 10, 2014, 9a.m.-4p.m.

Location: Close-in Portland Metro area

Fee: $1,750


Do you want more information about Jump Movement? Click here for our brochure .

or visit the Dutch/English Jump Movement  website.