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Little Upsides™

Being in conflict is challenging. We forget, when we are in the middle of it, that resolving conflict can bring us closer together, assists us in building dynamic relationships, and fosters creativity and innovation in team relationships.

Resolving conflict gives us self confidence and creates trust that we can handle any difficult situation. There are many upsides to conflict. Berry has created Little Upsides™ to help you remember the good things that may flow from conflict.

Little Upsides™ are small cards with quotes, questions and tips that move you forward when feeling hopeless or stuck in conflict.


Tips for Use:


  • Use Little Upsides ™  as an icebreaker at staff meetings: have staff pick one card from a pile of Little Upsides ™ and share thoughts about the card.
  • Or use them in a 1:1 with a direct report to get to know each other better.
  • In a coaching situation with a colleague: use a Little Upside ™ to help them reflect on the dilemma at hand to gain a different perspective and help them move forward.


  • Use Little Upsides ™ with class participants as an
energizer or icebreaker
  • In Mediation place a bowl of Little Upsides ™ on the table and have parties draw a card at the beginning or end of the session and reflect together to set a tone.
  • Use as a team conflict resolution tool


  • Have a stack of Little Upsides™ on your desk and draw one in the morning to set the tone for the rest of your day.
  • Use them with teenagers when you coach them through a difficult situation at school or at home.
  • Draw a Little Upside ™  with your partner to set a constructive tone for a difficult situation or to just have a meaningful little moment together.

The benefits of using Little Upsides ™ are many. These powerful little cards:

  • Build trust
  • Offer you a different perspective
  • Create meaningful conversation
  • Create a closer relationship
  • Help you gain understanding about the other
  • Help gain respect for each other
  • Help you get unstuck…

What clients say about Little Upsides:

“Over the holidays I had a rather strange set of text messages with my brother. I was getting somewhat impatient with the tone and content of the messages and just wanted the problem to go away. Out of frustration I went to my home office grabbed my set of Little Upside and the first one read ‘Check Your Assumption’. That little card changed everything. I was no doubt assuming the worst case scenario. In reality I just needed to provide a bit more information and case closed, problem solved. Thank you for creating Little Upsides to help me change my attitude and shift to a more helpful perspective.” ~ Amy

Each set of 50 high quality cards comes in a durable tin with Tips for Use for Leaders, Mediators, Trainers, Coaches and Individuals.

Order a set ($24.95 for 50 cards, excl. S&H) of Little Upsidesby email here.