Crowning Communications

Workplace Conflict Management

In many ways, conflict is a natural part of human relationships. Personality differences, varying work habits, unskillful communication and simple misunderstandings all contribute to the potential for conflict. While disagreements may be normal, overlooking them does not help and ignoring them does not make them go away. Underlying or unspoken conflict in the workplace is unhealthy and potentially damaging to the employee, the manager and the organization as a whole, and leads to low morale, increased staff turnover and decreased productivity.

Managers and Supervisors

Are you a supervisor, manager, new leader or employee who wants to understand and resolve a specific conflict or prevent a conflict from escalating? If so, I can help:

  • Managers build more productive and dynamic work teams by coaching your staff on conflict communication skills
  • Human Resources professionals looking for expert help with sensitive issues that you can’t touch yourself
  • Trainers in charge of your company’s professional development program who want outside expertise on conflict communication skills

Call me for any of these situations or to discuss your unique conflict management issues.