Crowning Communications

Berry Kruijning is passionate about helping women leaders through major life transitions and she is the founder of the group: “Women Embracing Change”, (powered by Jump Movement)

Join our meetings throughout the Portland area, focused on supporting women going through a major life transition (career, divorce, empty nest etc.).

Past Events:

Berry is the founder of the Annual Women’s Leadership Conference in Portland Oregon: A Woman’s Way to Leadership (2012-2014), now continuing as “Inspiring Women Leaders”. This annual conference takes place in Portland, Oregon on or around International Women’s Day in March.

“When Stakes are High” : Powerful Communication Skills for Women

Facilitator: Berry Kruijning, in collaboration with Karen Mathieson

A full-day workshop designed to enhance communication skills in challenging situations and relationships.

Are you seeking techniques to manage conflict, respond to criticism more constructively, and handle challenging conversations? Or perhaps you are making a pitch for a promotion? A successful outcome in any of these situations depends on the mastery of both external behaviors and internal process.